Veli Jože Cow Cheese cca 400 g
Veli Jože Cow Cheese cca 400 g
Local Istria


Veli Jože Cow Cheese cca 400 g

Unit of measure: Kg, Price per single unit:

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Region of origin: Istra

This is a special cheese which matures for a year. Unique in its aroma, it melts in your mouth and delights all your senses.
Little family farm located in the very heart of Istria, surrounded by pastures and a hill next to the Orbanići village, has been producing their own cow milk since the end of the last century, while in recent years they've expanded to producing high quality milk products in cooperation with farm partners from entire Istria. The love they pour into each liter of milk is the flavour that can be tasted in Latus Dairyfarm products. 

Product code: 1360045