Sliced Prosciutto Cotto 100 g
Sliced Prosciutto Cotto 100 g
Local Northern Adriatic


Sliced Prosciutto Cotto 100 g

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Region of origin: Sjeverni Jadran

Sliced Prosciutto Cotto (cooked ham) is a top product made of homemade Istrian meat, produced from the highest quality pieces of smoked and cooked in the traditional way. This juicy and aromatic product will bring to your table the best flavors of Istria and Kvarner.
Buretić Bregi comes from Bregi at the foot of the Učka mountain. Their business is connected to the Buretić family production tradition from Boljun in Istria which has been producing agricultural and livestock products over 100 year. Their meat and dairy production has connection to many other livestock breeders from Istria, Kvarner, area of Zagreb and Slavonia. Their traditional meat products of Istria and Kvarner by Buretić are produced from natural ingredients with the help of basic technology based on natural processes, to ensure premium appearance, aroma and flavour of their products. Istrian sausages with rosemary represent a premium mix of Istrian and Kvarner flavours and aromas. The characteristic and full flavour of meat bred naturally on green Istrian pastures and the fresh Učka mountain air, guarantee a superb gastronomic experience.

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