Immunohoney 80 g
Immunohoney 80 g
Local Continental Croatia


Immunohoney 80 g

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Region of origin: Kontinentalna Hrvatska

Immunohoney is a highly valuable mixture of 3 types of honey, flower powder and propolis for raising the body's immunity in a natural way. It is suitable for preventive use before the cold and flu season as well as after illness and it works in a way that restores energy to the body and replenishes vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
OPG Veber has been producing 100% natural, home-made honey and honey-based products. Through three generations, they have perfected and offer a wide range of innovative and functional products based on honey and other bee products that are beneficial for the health of the body. Today, they are beekeepers with over 300 bee colonies in a mobile and stationary apiary. Annually produce over 15 tons of various types of honey, propolis, flower powder and royal jelly.

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