Homemade Pork Burger for 2 Persons (400 g)
Local Continental Croatia


Homemade Pork Burger for 2 Persons (400 g)

Unit of measure: Kg, Price per single unit:

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Region of origin: Kontinentalna Hrvatska

Juicy, homemade burger! Made of fresh meat from Slavonian family farm, you will certainly not go wrong. Prepare a classic burger / cheeseburger with juicy sauce and soft buns. Serve with fries.
Instructions for consumption: the meat must be heat-treated before consumption. Do not break the cold chain. DO NOT FREEZE.
Meat preparation for 2+ servings. DEFROSTED.
Ingredients: pork 99%, salt. Fat content ≤ 30%, ratio of collagen / meat protein ≤ 18%.
Net weight: 400 g
Store at temperatures +2°C to +4°C.
Produced by: Valamar Riviera d.d., Stancija Kaligari 1, Poreč
Country of origin: Croatia.
Meat comes from Slavonian family farm Ferbežar.

Product code: 9370646