Home-made hot sauce Forto Cimitar 20 ml
Home-made hot sauce Forto Cimitar 20 ml


Home-made hot sauce Forto Cimitar 20 ml

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Region of origin: Istra

The strongest Forto hot sauce, and generally the hottest hot sauce that can be naturally produced. Cimitar is made from 4 types of chilli peppers which are the hottest in the world, lead by the famous Carolina Reaper. The name Cimitar comes from the istrian word for cemetary. It can be used with everything, just be careful!
Forto home-made hot sauces are made in Labin, eastern Istria, at the family estate of Stefan Petrović where they have discovered that istrian limestone soil works wonders for the development of capsaicin in chilli peppers, so they have planted 17 different types which they use to produce 5 types of their own hot sauces. They do not use pesticides, chemicals or preservatives during production.

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