Grill seitan 200 g
Grill seitan 200 g
Grill seitan 200 g
Local Organic product Vegan


Grill seitan 200 g

Unit of measure: Kg, Price per single unit:

(VAT included in the price)

Country of origin: Croatia

Seitan grill is grilled and ready to eat, you can eat it cold or reheat it briefly.
The product is low in calories, dietary, cholesterol-free and 100% vegan.
- without flavor enhancer (glutamate E620-E625)
- without emulsifier
- without artificial flavors and colors
- no preservatives (used to extend shelf life)
- without additives (even those allowed in organic production)
- without ingredients of animal origin
- free of pesticides and fertilizers

Product code: 1680127