Gluten-free fruit muesli 375 g


Gluten-free fruit muesli 375 g

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Country of origin: Germany

Gluten-free fruit muesli.
Ingredients: soy flakes, corn flakes (corn flour, salt, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), raisins 22% (raisins, sunflower oil), buckwheat flakes 19% (buckwheat flour, corn flour, corn flour, 10 flour, gluten flour, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar) % (dates, rice flour), apple pieces 2%, cranberries 1% (cranberries, pineapple juice concentrate, pineapple syrup, sunflower seed oil), amaranth flakes 0.5%, almonds 0.5%. May contain traces of milk, nuts and hazelnuts.

Product code: 166169