Boskarin Ox Steak for 2 persons (500 g)
Boskarin Ox Steak for 2 persons (500 g)
Boskarin Ox Steak for 2 persons (500 g)
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Boskarin Ox Steak for 2 persons (500 g)

Unit of measure: Kg, Price per single unit:

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Region of origin: Istra

Fresh meat from the loin of Istrian autochthonous cattle - Boškarin.
Serving: steak needs to be heat treated before consumption. Our recommendation: meat can be grilled in pan or BBQ and served with mushroom sauce and traditional Istrian pasta fuži or pljukanci.
Fresh beef from Istrian cattle - round for 2+ meals.
Net weight: 500 g.
Store at temperatures +2°C up to +4°C.
Do not break storage cold chain.
Meat from farm AZRRI, Pazin.
AZRRI - Agency for Rural Development of Istria d.o.o. based in Pazin was founded in 2003 with the aim of valorization and promotion of Istrian agricultural products and groceries and connecting them with the sector of tourism, catering and hospitality. Moreover their aim is the protection of Istrian indigenous breeds such as boškarin, freight, sheep and goat through development programs and ultimately their goal is the return of people in the rural area of ​​Istria.

Product code: 9372001