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Homemade and fresh delivered directly to your door

Valfresco Direkt is a web store that delivers local groceries and freshly prepared ready meals of top quality at competitive prices to your home on a daily basis.

Homemade and homegrown!

  • Valfresco Direkt offers locally produced food products including those from family farms, like vegetables and fruits, local cheese, meat products, local wines, craft beer and more
  • We also offer fresh bakery products and the highest quality selection of ready meals from Valamar restaurants prepared from fresh local ingredients
  • At Valfresco Direct, we are connected to the best local family farms, and in cooperation with them we deliver the best natural foods of this region, including numerous organic products.
  • All our partners have been in this business for many years, many of them for decades, and they invest a lot of effort, love and knowledge in their work. That is why we at Valfresco Direkt are proud to work with these hard-working people

Family farms Istria

  • Buretić Bregi
  • OPG Maretić
  • Mlin Roč
  • OPG Brečević
  • OPG Edi Radola
  • OPG Buretić Boljun
  • OPG Josip Dantinjana
  • OPG Mauricio Pulić
  • OPG Darinka Krnčević
  • Obrt šampinjoni
  • OPG P&L
  • OPG Jehnić zelenjava

Family farms Continent

  • OPG Marukić
  • Slavica Dumendžić
  • Agrolov
  • Josipović
  • Aronia Life
  • OPG Mikinac
  • Snašina kujina
  • Agroklaster
  • Sotinac
  • Viksi

Main information about the company

  • Valamar Riviera d.d.
    Poreč, Stancija Kaligari 1,
    MBS: 040020883 registered with Commercial Court in Pazin, OIB: 36201212847
  • Contact address: Valamar Riviera d.d., Valfresco Direkt, Marcilnica 71, Labin
  • Contact Phone Number: 00 385 052 465 050
  • Contact e-mail: valfresco@valamar.com
  • Detailed company information

Why Valfresco Direkt?

When buying at Valfresco Direkt you directly support our local community and gain access to products you won't easily find in stores.

Valfresco Direkt offers simple ordering and free home delivery the next day.

Valfresco Direkt ensures the highest hygiene standards with ISO certificates and the Valamar quality guarantee.